Sunday, November 27, 2016

patriarchy is a myth-poem

Patriarchy is a myth

that was belted out in fatherly lines across bare buttocks
that sang through and sailed over my head in
wails I dared not publish
it was smeared red with anger across bare thigh backs
the movement of the myth was not like the other stories I heard
rather,  this myth rang violent staccato blows to my spine, my temples
through fatherly hands: BOOM BOOM BOOM
This myth stood over me as a child and stained my bones with fatherly screams
yes, my very skin, and muscles, and heart could not stop the blatant poison
from marking my bones
where were my hands? Not allowed to move
as the gun was pushed to my mother's temple
I will fatherly blow your brains out
you fucking bitch, the hero of the myth spits out
comply, or be fatherly punished
and I will suck the marrow out of those bones
what kind of curious myth has no end
what angered river of tale never ceases to flow
never even tries to father or ache or soften
can literally be beaten into a woman's body
isn't it a scientific marvel? How her very cells and bones
will ever be fathered by storied violence. "We broke her".
-noted with cold intellectual pride. Yet husbands are myths too
Husbanded to magical, mythological patriarchy, cut through with vengeance
Vengeance is mine, sayeth the fatherly
the bank account myth within a myth-that's a good one
told by no one fatherly who sees or has a care
this one is where patriarchy took a deep stab at equality
it was a joking ode and its fathered husband-fist; fat, full of hundred dollar bills
forcefully sanctioned the taking of food out of the mouths of its own children
my account of this became equal to or less than impoverished;
because I am a she who displeased and who cried and who dared
because where man is wealthy, and one-down is poor, that is fatherly equality
(Laugh here)
Some cry under their breath: asshole
Others cry: get HER
some silently applaud from the fatherly sidelines
others move it to their fatherly bedrooms
some say she's crazy, she's stupid, she's fatherly; making it up
others simply cry, for
patriarchy is a myth we don't speak.

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