Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clarissa Speaks

-domestic violence is a social justice issue-
From Clarissa Pinkola Estes:
"Regarding Our Responsibility to the World Soul
...."I work in the dregs of what is left when the unarmed and the innocent have been preyed upon; I work with the veterans who have no legs and no arms and are only torsos with heads ... who have seen such horror that your nervous system thuds nearly to a stop as you listen and your heart threatens to give out. I work with the persons who are victims of "gun" violence, whose children were just walking along from school or with friends, and all of a sudden, a man/boychild raised a piece of metal and made but a one inch long squeeze with their trigger finger, and a bullet penetrated and blew apart the precious thin envelope of the lung or the heart or an artery ... and the beloved soul was gone. Gone. Instantly gone.
"Have you ever seen the dance of death? It is a hopping dance, a bending over low, chest-to-knees dance, a jumping into the air dance while screaming ... it is the dance of death that mothers and fathers and loved ones do when they receive word that their baby has died, or their loved one's been lost at war, or buried in a quake, or gunned down, or been killed in a terrorist act wherein the explosion left no remains but perhaps the engagement ring, or the name badge, or a piece of burnt rubber sole, and no more. I could go on. And on.
"And so could you and your soul.
"We are not removed, and the soul knows, from the dirt upward, what social justice principles are comprised of truly ... and the first and foremost Catholic social justice principle is to speak for the soul in all things ...
"to speak truth to power; to speak for those run over by the pretending-to-be-beneficent-because-I-say-so; to pierce and expose the monstrous intentions of the unspeakably coddled and protected; to shine high noon on the deadly unconscious people who have no insight into the "unintended consequences" of their reckless acts ...
"to speak truth to those who are out of touch with the reality of the suffering; to speak up to those who resist being accountable; to reveal those who refuse to be transparent for they've a pile of unburied corpses behind their velvet curtains ...
"to continue to insist on confidence with the poor and the downtrodden, the hurt and the maimed ... Mercy is not just "church" people's work, it is the work of anyone who has a soul.
"And merciful care is the work by which a nation is judged as to whether it has a soul ... or whether it has lost its soul somewhere along the way and can no longer find it without help ... help from the people ... the people who speak, the people who will not cease speaking up ... and speaking out ... and speaking for.
"Let us continue then and let it be said now, gently, in our own ways, and yet relentlessly in our own ways ... let it be said, and let us not back away ... .

*How To Silence A Woman: Retrieving Her Voice...*
When someone says, "We're saying the same thing."
Say, "We are not saying the same thing."
When someone says, "Don't question, just have faith."
Say, "I am questioning, vato, and
I have supreme faith in what I think."
When someone says, "Don't defy my authority."
Say, "There is a higher authority that I follow."
When someone says, "Your ideas are seductive."
Say, "No, my ideas are not seductive,
they are substantial."
When someone says, "Your ideas are dangerous."
Say, "Yes, my ideas are dangerous, and why are you so afraid hombre o mujer? "
When it is said, "It's just not done."
Say, "It will be done."
When it is said, "It is immature."
Say, "All life begins small and
must be allowed to grow."
When it is said, "It's not thought out."
Say, "It is well thought out."
When they say, "You're over-reacting."
Say, "You're under-reacting, vato."
When they say, "You're being emotional."
Say, "Of course I have well placed emotions, and by the way, what happened to yours?"
When they say, "You're not making any sense."
Say, "I don't make sense, I AM the sense."
When they say, "I can't understand you when you're crying."
Say, "Make no mistake, I can weep and be fierce at the same time."
When they say, "I cant understand you when you're being so angry."
Say. "You couldn't hear me when I was being nice, or sweet or silent, either."
When someone says, "You're missing the point."
Say, "I'm not missing the point, but you seem to be missing MY point -- What are you so afraid of?"
When someone says, "You are breaking the rules."
Say, "Yes, I am breaking the rules."
When someone says, "That's not practical."
Say, "It's practically a done deal, thank you very much."
When it is said, "No one will do it, believe you, or follow it."
Say, "I will do it, I will believe in it, and in time, the world may well follow it."
When it is said, "No one wants to listen to that."
Say, "I know you have a hard time listening to that."
When it is said, "It's a closed system, you cant change it."
Say, "I'm going to knock twice and if there is no answer, then I am going to blow the doors off that system and it will change."
When it is said, "They'll ignore you."
Say, "They won't ignore me and the hundreds of thousands who stand with me."
When they say, "It's already been done."
Say, "It's not been done well enough."
When they say, "It's not yet time."
Say, "It's way past time."
When they say, "It's not the right day, right month, right year."
Tell them, "The right year was last year,
and the right month was last month,
and the right day was yesterday,
and you're running behind schedule, vato,
and what in the name of God
and all that is holy
are you going to do about it?"
When they say, "Who do you think you are?" --
tell them ...
tell them who you are,
and don't hold back.
When they say, "I put up with it,
you'll have to put up with it too."
Say, "No, no, no, no."
When they say, "I've suffered a long time
and you'll have to suffer too."
Say, "No, no, no, no."
When they say, "You're an incorrigible, defiant, hard to get along with, unreasonable woman ... "
Say, "Yes, yes, yes, yes ...
and I have worse news for you yet --
we are teaching our daughters,
and our mothers,
and our sisters ...
we are teaching our sons,
and our fathers,
and our brothers,
to be

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