Thursday, October 6, 2016

Carving crochet hooks

Oh my gosh, I nearly forgot....I'm an ARTIST. Ok, so I take a lot of classes on social justice. Spalding University is the first designated compassionate university. They offer classes on Jim Crow and the Drug War. I swear my education is shaping me to be a feminist, compassionate, tolerant, social-justice-activist, educated, writing woman. I mean, come on, neoliberalism is patriarchy. Same thing,
But anyway, I've been carving crochet hooks. I do make my own things. I'm refurbishing two treadle sewing machines. I'm planning art and writing projects. I'm cooking and loving up my kids. This is the secret life of a social justice warrior...the work of my hands is my meditation, my art, my strength, and my rebellion....the love I muster up is my life testimony.

Perhaps beauty is anarchy.

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