Friday, August 5, 2016


I want to join revolutions
I want to create revolutions and take all this courage and desire and put it somewhere worthy
Love is not the revolution we need
Love is something people hide behind
No, do not speak to me any more of your "love" because you don't care how it is done
I cannot trust it
Love is not the word
Love is the movement
The revolutions I would join are the revolutions of grace
How about a revolution of healing? Of compassion?
Sign me up for these, show me how to serve
But forget about love, that fleeting affection, that affliction of sentiment
no, the revolution is listening
the movement is to have care
How about revolutions of silliness, of glee?
How about a revolution of cleaning up messes, of making messes?
It is revolutionary to be kind, and genuine.
I want a revolution of dark underbellies...of showing each other what we've murdered in this world, what toes we've stepped on, what hearts we've caused to bleed, what wounds we've slashed through ourselves, through others
It needs to be different
This is not about the world, the world where black people get killed for being black
where children get ripped from mothers who cried out the truth
where hatred finds a gun and uses it
where monsters and politicians are one and the same
But in this world between us, your guns are your words, your misdeeds rooted in standing idly by, of casual indifference to the suffering you cause
You are making people choke on their anger
You keep joining the naysayers, the assholes, the takers, the exploitative warmongers
Stop that and join me in these revolutions
If it happens in this world between us, it makes it easier for it to happen out there
This is the revolution that needs to happen, the revolution of feeling, novelties of passion, of hope for all of us
Of empathetic connection
revolutions of vulnerability, of soft hearts
The real revolution? The extraordinary one? It's the "I'm sorry I hurt you." revolution.
That, THAT will change our world
Let's show each other our wars, where we waged and fought them
Let's bring these wars out and have a revolution of weeping, of sadness, of great pain
I will paint you with the blood on your hands and reach into your darkness and pull out all of that awful blackness
I will show it to you and say yes, there it is, this is why you need revolutions
What is this revolution worth? A phone call? a letter? showing up?
What will it take for you to throw out this ugliness, this war?

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