Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Good Kind of Trouble

Yesterday was my 48th birthday. I'm not really blonde but for twenty minutes yesterday I was and it was super fun. As I edge closer to 50, and closer to finishing my degree, and closer to my potential,  I purpose to live this year with gusto, passion, and self-acceptance. It's time to let go of all that insecurity and doubt and just fly free into the next era of my life.

Andrea Balt of Creative Rehab posted this on my birthday, and I love it:

Don’t you find it odd or rather upside down when you are tempted to apologize for having a dream to the non-dreamers, a heart to the heartless, a vision to the blind?
For trusting yourself to the doubters, for having faith to the soulless, for practicing compassion to the cruel, for your childish nature to the deadly serious adults, for bleeding passion to the dead?
Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t THEY apologize for giving up on their dreams, for silencing their intuition, for agreeing with their fear, for settling for a life & a love that doesn’t bear their signature?
For staying when they mean to leave, for leaving when they want to stay, for being too scared to trust, to dare, to invest enough heart, to create every day like they are ALIVE & every fucking bit mattered?
Don’t apologize for being too much or for feeling things deeply, for wanting to change yourself, and then lives, and then maybe the world, through your gifts, dreams, ideas, as crazy, as mad, as impossible as they seem to those who cannot understand.
Apologize ONLY for the times you agree with your fear & want to give up.
The world needs more creative middle fingers & less polite I'm-sorry's, more art & less apologies, more wild & less tame, more jumping from the highest cliff & less fear of falling or flying, more trusting your own gut & less bullshit excuses for not creating your true life with every breath you've got.
Happy Monday, Dreamers! ❤️

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