Thursday, June 2, 2016


Wasichu is a Lakota Sioux word meaning quite literally, "white person." But over the years,another connotation emerged: "he who takes the best meat for himself."
You can hear all about it here.
I watched the video 3-4 times, just not believing it, sobbing over and over with powerlessness, anger, and an untold well of grief.
Wasichu is the guiding principle behind sexism, racism, capitalism, bullying, narcissism, domestic abuse, colonialism.
Wasichu marriage plants one as colonist and one as colonized. Wear our clothes. Only our furniture. Put it where I tell you. Only our culture counts. Your ways are those of a savage. I must  monitor your savage ways. Only our customs and family events are important. Speak our way. Do only as we do. You ultimately have no value, no meaning, no place here. Your interests are relegated to the basement, your things mine to throw away. You must ultimately hold to my word. Your accomplishments don't count. You must give, I must take.
Wasichu divorce goes on and on and leaves its own trail of broken treaties, displacement, stolen territory, lies, and wielding unfair force, in the form of money. Money is wasichu power, and enables the wasichu to take the best for himself. Everyone else be damned. And the ensuing trail of tears, the brokenness, gives the wasichu opportunity to do the most evil act of all: blame the suffering of his victim on his victim's weakness, and not on his own deplorable abuse via deliberate, systematic bullying. My hands are clean, he says. I did nothing wrong, he says. I deserve all the meat, he says. I deserve to cause suffering. I deserve to be held blameless and above reproach. You are the wrong one. I am the moral one, the religious one, my secular morals make me inherently superior. Look what a weak, emotional mess you are.
This is the purest form of cruelty, a supreme absence of moral principles, the most heinous attitude a human being can take towards another: "I crush you."
Perhaps it is up to all of us to become less like a wasichu, and more like a human being, and to stop the wasichus from taking when we can.

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