Monday, March 31, 2014

Back Yard Plans

My back yard is a blank slate. I'm getting resourceful about putting it together. Collecting pallets and finding sources of free mulch are slow but sure ways to get the elements I want. My neighbor offered his truck to help me haul mulch and dirt. The first major obstacle is the honeysuckle vine. Another neighbor, an established and even more serious homesteader than me, recommended a propane torch. I can see myself in the back yard, taking a torch to honeysuckle vines this summer...ha! A shed is sorely needed. Then the list of fun stuff begins.
In addition to having a back yard that sustains animals and lots of plants and flowers, I want a back yard that is just plain FUN. I've been searching for ideas on how to construct circus equipment , tree houses, and a zipline with minimal investment. My half acre is on an incline and has plentiful trees, making it well suited for a zipline. Eventually we will have bees, chickens and rabbit runs, but that is far away.
Spring is the energy of making plans, putting dreams into action, and preparing for future growth. This is true on so many levels here, and for now, we humbly and simply prepare, and honor the joy of fertile spring.

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