Monday, March 31, 2014

Back Yard Plans

My back yard is a blank slate. I'm getting resourceful about putting it together. Collecting pallets and finding sources of free mulch are slow but sure ways to get the elements I want. My neighbor offered his truck to help me haul mulch and dirt. The first major obstacle is the honeysuckle vine. Another neighbor, an established and even more serious homesteader than me, recommended a propane torch. I can see myself in the back yard, taking a torch to honeysuckle vines this summer...ha! A shed is sorely needed. Then the list of fun stuff begins.
In addition to having a back yard that sustains animals and lots of plants and flowers, I want a back yard that is just plain FUN. I've been searching for ideas on how to construct circus equipment , tree houses, and a zipline with minimal investment. My half acre is on an incline and has plentiful trees, making it well suited for a zipline. Eventually we will have bees, chickens and rabbit runs, but that is far away.
Spring is the energy of making plans, putting dreams into action, and preparing for future growth. This is true on so many levels here, and for now, we humbly and simply prepare, and honor the joy of fertile spring.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring has sprung!

I couldn't be happier that Spring has arrived. The first sign was that I lost interest in my phone. This winter seemed to relentlessly drive me inward, bringing me to a mindless huddle around my phone as a means of escape. Turning outward now gives me great pleasure. The kids and I cleaned out the van today. We then went to one of those places where you can vacuum and hose down your vehicle. I let the kids go wild with the foam brush and spray wand. Now our old van is somewhat clean, and in the meantime we "strung pearls". We opted to plan a camping trip next weekend at our favorite haunt and save some of the fancier, more expensive stuff for the summer.
Other welcome sights of spring: clothes on the line, flowers, Easter egg hunts, and spring cleaning.
Two things have taken over my life: college and circus. This weekend ends our circus stint, and we will be sad but relieved.
Last night felt a bit surreal at the circus. It's odd and disorienting when seemingly disparate aspects of your life show up in the same room. We were surrounded by circus pirates, for that is the theme of this year's show, and someone said there were sheep here. Sheep? At the circus? So we went around to where two baby lambs were. BABY LAMBS. I just about died, and even asked, "how much are they?" Yes, and "I'll just go find a cash machine." I have seriously considered setting up my land for a miniature breed, but now is not the time for that, and what am I thinking??? That is how strong baby lambs are.
Pictures below of all of the above.

Inside the circus: Pirates abound!!!

Outside the circus: Heart-melting livestock


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Had to Share

I had to share this beautiful video.