Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Days

In the course of two days, much happened. Two friends came home with us on Friday and the house was full of children. Said children played with (mostly) peace in the house. We got out the soft pastels and all the children were mesmerized. Many dirty hands and handwashings later, a stack of artwork had piled. Of course, I had to get messy too with the pastels. And I got to make art with a dear friend near by.
We declared Saturday to be art day. More smudging of soft pastels followed by sledding followed by pumpkin muffins and chamomile tea. And then more making art, and much playing, and talking. Saturday night saw a few games of War, Sunday morning more War and then circus practice; a quick violin practice.
Sunday morning breakfast in bed:
Serena insisted that I take a picture of her eating full-on. Well, ok!

When there is art in the house, there is peace in the house and our souls feel happy, blessed, and connected. When there are friends in the house, we feel loved, loving, grateful.
A couple of random thoughts: Garden planning has been foremost on my mind. I'm wondering if I will have time for digging therapy once school starts? I do not own a dishwasher and I have lived nearly a year without a dryer. That's pretty counterculture, I'd say. Dryer will be fixed hopefully soon!

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