Sunday, December 1, 2013

A sheep weekend

What a weekend. My dear friend Adrienne came into town and I got to spend some time with her. We went to JoAnn's with Adrienne's mom. We made big plans, mostly caught up, and admired sheep. After having a bit of a holiday funk, these wonderful women were medicine for my soul. So were the animals. Warning: excessive pictures of sheep coming up.


Dramatic people here!And

And these sheep were cracking me up. Mirror neurons in sheep, perhaps? I watched their heads move in tandem as they followed our gentle conversation and the activity of the other sheep.

Luckily, we always get to see the end of the process...the wool, the yarn....coveting a double-treadle spinning wheel...look at those knitted cuffs for the skeins!

And then, a spontaneous surprise...JoAnn wanted to get out of the angora rabbit "business". So, my run of bunny luck is looking up and I was sent home with another sweet doe and a buck. The kids named them "Christmas and Thanksgiving". Thanksgiving is our first English Angora. Christmas is another sweet French buck. We are settling them in to their new cages here and brushing, brushing, brushing. We hope to have more babies soon!
I am still basking in the peace and happiness of the day. Such love is here for us.