Thursday, November 21, 2013


One day last week found us wandering our neighborhood. We met a new neighbor, Rusty, who has a greywater system and chicken coops and a free source of wood chips. He also pointed us to a neighbor who keeps bees. I was thrilled to have kindreds nearby. And I got a tip on how to wrangle honeysuckle vine.
I love the surprises one gets while wandering. Our yard is just big enough to provide plenty to do and see while we are roaming...trees to climb, this is where to put a tire swing, this is where our garden beds will go, this part of the yard is narrow, tug tug another honeysuckle vine.
My knitting seems to be like that too. I love the projects where I can just wander and shape something at will, sans pattern.
I'm working on a sweater for the big boy (almost 5!) I don't have a's a simple top-down raglan style with a placket. Lots of garter stitch in Manos.
And for my ten-year-old girl. I cast on for a Granny Smith. I know it's a beginner pattern but it's on 10s and will be great for the holidays. The yarn is my plant-dyed organic merino and my camera didnt' quite capture the color.

Speaking of holidays, I also got this book and I'm trying to figure out what to make and for whom. Here is the trailer for it:
Coolest video ever.

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