Friday, November 29, 2013

My Facebook Gift Giving Guide

Man, I have a wealth of friends on Facebook who do really wonderful things. You can actually buy their things, which would make extra special Christmas gifts.
First one is this book.

There are also kits available and she is local to Louisville. Wonderful gift for someone who has everything.
If you've ever wanted to buy something exquisite and unique, handwoven is the way to go. Check out the beauty HERE.
Books for crafters:

The Knitted Slipper Book

Quilt Essential

And there's the art of Josh Johnson. He also wrote a children's book, The Spindletons. My kids loved it:

Dane Waters is a talented local musician, found here.

If you want to snatch up some art really quickly, go HERE tomorrow. Buy or Burn art show featuring Joshua Huettig.

Oh, and don't forget that the Waldorf School will be holding a holiday bazaar next weekend! 10-2 and yours truly will be there.
Happy Holidays!

::::UPDATE::::I KNEW I forgot someone important!!!! Lesli at Studio Burke! You gotta check her out!

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