Friday, November 29, 2013


The holiday was very quiet around here. The littles were with their dad's family, so I was able to spend time with my older girls and putter around the house. The holidays were also a bit hard without the little ones here, and as any newly-divorced person could tell you, holidays bring up feelings of grief. I've been writing a lot about my marriage. My writing gets pretty intense but I'm determined to take my healing in my own hands and honor the process. This in and of itself feels like a radical act, for people in our culture rarely honor the process. You are routinely encouraged to "just let go". I'm going to completely let go, and have made great gulping strides in my progress, but I'm still taking time to sift through. My hope is that this leads me to greater self-awareness, acceptance, and empathy. It all takes time and I'm willing to do it. In fact, I signed up for it. A very beloved thing to me dream of family, along with a certain loss of innocence. I refuse to somehow diminish that.

But, being single has its definite perks.

Making my own place has been fun. The cats, as you can see, are big helpers.

I have rituals in the kitchen: homemade chai, hand-ground coffee, candles. Homemade bouillon and curry paste are staples. Lots of brown rice.
In my studio, I am slowly getting back to work. I got a console at the ReStore for $10, which called for a rearranging. Here is my tidied studio:

Not a very good picture of tools but don't you love tools and art supplies? Oh the possibilities!

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