Saturday, April 14, 2012

I wrote a poem

1. Every morning star is
white curtains hung with hope
pain, light-filled, warm windowsills
Tassels sigh at ends of ropes

2. Every noon a full blown turning
Breaking points on spinning plates
Sweep up the mess, get yourself dressed
Secret, sacred, shadows debate

3. Every evening sky is
Another reckless painting hung
Crooked hymns to the left and dimmed
the songs desired, unsung.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I've been making lots of lists lately, so I decided to make a list of lists:
-my personal cultural values I want to cultivate in my children and family
-things to mail
-stuff to photograph and place on Craig's List
-soul qualities I want to cultivate
-things to blog about
-things to plant
-knitting patterns to write down
-what to make for fairs and market this summer
-craft projects to finish

that's a lot of lists! I do have a couple of other lists around here somewhere...I wonder what our lists say about us at any given time? what if I saved my lists as snapshots of what I am thinking about, of capturing my inner planner??
My friend, when asked where she would be without her lists, replied, "I don't know, listless?"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A pictorial tour of the back yard

The rabbit cages on the garden bed-in-development. Rabbit droppings=garden gold. 

Newly dug. The garden beds are edged with bricks and tree trunks- all salvaged from neighbors.

Bliss! I am glad he likes to dig as much as I do. Digging=therapy.

People often ask me about my compost pile. This is it! We do turn it every so often, but mostly just try to make sure we are layering straw and leaves in between the food and wetter stuff. I am sure we could get a lot more conscious and scientific and make it look better, but we don't really have the time for that right now, and this sunny spot makes some nice compost for the garden. We will dig and turn it completely, very soon.

Bee homes waiting for me to make a decision on what kind of home they will have on the inside. And if I want to start up bees again this year. I had two seasons of success with bees, and three seasons not so. The first season I chalk up to ignorance, and that was one "not so" year. But the other years, I got wax moths, and unexplainable absence of bees.

A project in progress. I am building a PVC rabbit hutch. It will be portable, lightweight, rot resistant, and hopefully help prevent disease. My plan is to put worm bins underneath the rabbit cages, and to eventually have a regular rabbitry. If I could find a way to have them pay for themselves in fiber and droppings, along with the worms, I'd like to work up to 10 rabbits. A giant angora would be nice!

Today, after all that digging in the sun, we planted spinach, kale, arugula, black seeded simpson lettuce, some kind of kale, and peas. In the next couple of weeks, carrots and beets will go in.Then I'll buy some seedlings of various things and watch our garden grow!

Worms never lose their ability to fascinate. Wonder!

Look at those hard working children. They were joyful and willing slaves! This will be our basil bed when the peas are gone. Last year we had 8 basil plants here. I was lazy in the harvest, although I did harvest, I still had to supplement with basil from the farmer's market and we still ran out of pesto in November. We practically drink pesto. I can't wait!
That's the garden report! What a glorious day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Homefront Journalism

Isn't that what blogging is? Tales from the Homefront? Well, for me, it is. I believe in Home. And Home right now is in a cleansing. Davis has been sick, and I have been home with him. He has a double ear infection, and a trip to the doctor yielded a homeopathic remedy, some echinacea and goldenseal, rosehip tea, vitamin A, and a prescription for antibiotics. So we are using everything we know to heal, including healthy foods.
In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to photodocument my knitting projects in progress, even though that's why Ravelry is there. 
Project number one:
 Still working on Milo. I had it mostly done and then had to rip back because it was too big, and because moths got to it
 A design of my own!!! Mmmmmmmohair.
 Having recently finished Serena's Tea Leaves, this one is mine, in plant dyed Henry's Attic. Another project that turned out to big and I just had to rip back.
 Cable Weave Pullover, for Chance. Putting it together slowly. Its progress has coincided with the progress of our marriage...fits and starts, and great swaths of disconnected time. A gaping hole and a long story.
 Not knitting, but if you read the Living Crafts blog, you will know that this is a symbol of my intention for the slow down, to breathe through, to take time. Living Crafts has been a nice surprise for me, for they keep liking my work and I have become a regular contributor. I love being a part of such a wonderful magazine!
 Ishbel in pink flake cotton. I like the nubby texture!

 Socks for my mom...almost cotton. They were supposed to be for Christmas.
Greenfield Cardigan in a yummy Malabrigo. However, I do not like the colorway so much so when I block it, I will add a step of overdyeing it in a more suitable color. I am thinking of a burnt yellow, something that moves toward orange, so that the greens will be browned up a bit. It's comforting to know that you can just throw something into the dyepot if you don't fully appreciate the color you chose to begin with!
And finally, the paperwhites are still in bloom. I planted bulbs yesterday and immediately wished I had kept them in the freezer since we are not being treated to a proper winter around here.
Looking at all those knitting projects, I realize it might seem a bit mad to the non-knitter, or people who are a lot more organized than me. I am convinced that to be a knitter in this day and age, one must be willing to go to certain extremes...complicated lace patterns, only wearing handmade things, a huge yarn or fabric stash, or whatever your extreme belief is. It's vital to creativity, is it not?

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance; and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning... Oprah Winfrey