Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eating Well

We have had a cold snap here, welcome and wet. In fact, today was so cool, and so ideal, we headed to the orchard to pick apples...not hot, no yellowjackets...plenty of apples under foot, and some cantankerous horses to visit. Bringing home all those apples, I was thinking that nothing gets my autumn going like cooking. I am spinning yarn at the Douglass Loop Farmer's Market every week, and am surrounded by local bounty all of Saturday. So, I thought I would share with you what I love most about fall cooking, although not all of it will be new.
Above: Blue corn/zucchini patties (just shredded zukes, 2 eggs, handful of cheddar, salt and pepper, and blue corn meal to make a thick paste...bake or fry in oil.) topped with garlic aioli,  roasted beets and micro greens.
Not a year goes by that I don't make the squash  pie recipe from The Self-Healing Cookbook. I'm quite sure I've played with the recipe so much it hardly resembles its "mother", but it is certainly worth  trying. I use local butternut squash. And your whole house will smell homey like cinnamon.
Bean soup: soaked and cooked black beans, jar of salsa, and big dollops of this miso. I could eat it every day.
And,drum roll, I have stopped being completely vegetarian! In between canning tomatoes, I cooked and picked a chicken, made barbeque chicken and chicken/green bean/rice soup.
What's going on in your autumn kitchen???


  1. Cabbage is going on in my kitchen, hopefully becoming sauerkraut now that I have shredded almost 2 gallons worth and have it sitting in a crock. Hmm, now what to do with the dozen other giant cabbages still waiting in the garden...
    And by giant cabbages I mean.. I just had to weigh this biggest one, 17 pounds!
    The zucchini patties sound so good, I will have to try that soon. Cause we have tons of giant zucchini too!
    On a more autumn-y note, we hope to be harvesting lots of wild apples soon!
    Isn't it interesting to be "not vegetarian"? I think so...
    Always nice to hear from you Angela. Hope all has been very well. Love, Renee :)

  2. Hi Renee! I have some green wool for you if you are still interested:)
    i have always wanted to make sauerkraut. Those are some BIG cabbages! How big is your garden plot?
    yummy wild apples!
    Good to hear from you too are such a bright blessing and a sweet spirit.


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