Friday, July 8, 2011

summertime cliff notes

My camera died and it will take a month to fix it.
We have been staying up too late, blowing bubbles, catching fireflies, hula hooping.
I have been working and longing for a few more carefree days.
I got to teach a group of adults how to wash a fleece, card, spin, make knitting  needles, cast on, and knit in 4 days. Whew. We also did a mini-dye session.
My teenage daughter is home and she is now a licensed driver!
We eat ice cream every day,except for me.
Can you believe it? I cut out flour and sugar and caffeine. I feel so much better.
I have so many ideas and not so much time.
I don't feel like knitting (gasp! did I say that?)
But I knit anyway because I like it.
We have one baby bunny after a dog situation. We started out with 5. Heartbreaking.But...
A 3-week old angora bunny provides HOURS of entertainment to a 7-year-old, and has GOT to be the cutest thing alive.
Except for 2-year-old Davis. Ooooo I could eat him up.
We laugh every day. Davis likes to blow raspberries on bellies...mommy's soft belly, sister's lithe belly, and the occasional arm.
We tickle every day.
trying to avoid thoughts of summer's fleeting nature.
I have a booth at a farmer's market for the summer...come see me and chat if you are local! Check out my facebook page for details.
Blog world, I wanted you to know I have not forgotten you.