Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why treats

Indeed, why buy dog treats? Aren't they just souped up dog food in different shapes? Does your dog care about this?
Mine doesn't, and in making dog treats, I get to give in to my dog's nature...the one that says "scavenge with all your might".
so I fling open the cupboards, and I scavenge.
Flaxmeal showing signs ofmoth visits? It's going in.
Remnants of 3 open jars of peanut butter? Down you go.
Buckwheat flour I'm tired of staring at? For substance.
Anything else I can find that serves a dual purpose of cleaning out the cabinets and feeding my dog? Going in. And then I add garlic powder and brewer's yeast for flea prevention, powdered chlorophyll and spirulina for fresh breath, and eggs and olive oil for a shiny coat.
Mix it all until you are satisfied with the consistency. Have your kids make nice treat-like shapes. Bake and then give to your treasured pooch!
This is what it looked like in the bowl:
then I decided to grab my camera and have a learning opporunity in abstract photography. In other words, I played with my dog's pre-food.
Here are the results and they make my head hurt:

  I swear I see "people" in those  photos.Off to find a focal point...or something....or just stare into white noise on a TV screen.

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