Saturday, June 11, 2011


To kick off my new blog, and properly celebrate my mid-life "opportunity"(see "deep" paragraphs following), I am giving away a signed copy of Handmade Home. It is slightly used but only because ALL the books in this house look slightly used, especially if they are out at the same time the 2-year-old is out. So, to enter, 1. leave a comment 2. follow me on Twitter (cochinealbunny) and come back here and let me know 3. follow me here on blogger. 4. tell others about it and be entered twice, and tell me that you did that.
And, although I am tempted to not require any of that nonsense, this blog must go on. But, if you don't comment, you can't be entered. Rules are rules.
Be entered twice if you can tell me a funny midlife crisis story, or come up with a less-cliche` name for it-that thing that starts when you're 42-ish, because I hate the term "midlife crisis", or just lie and tell me you know exactly what I'm talking about, even though you aren't currently experiencing any kind of crisis or growth opportunity. Empathy counts.
So, now to delve deeper.
In a way, I am giving away a part of myself. That early 20's part of me that greeted the world with sincere bravado and I'm-going-to-change-the-world idealism? She's older now. And that shining cup of idealistic certainty? It's been tarnished by the sure fingerprints of Reality. This leaves me at the crossroads....where the idealism of my 20's meets the reality of my early 40's. And my always-protective gospel of pragmatism is leaving me very hopeless indeed. This is where I must choose....I can no longer be an innocent. Innocence, Pollyanna, blind optimism...these don't work either. There is emptiness there too. I can no longer operate out of idealism, but now I have the opportunity to acknowledge reality in another way and consciously CHOOSE. I can walk by the dark alley and fall victim to those thugs of bitterness, resentment and cynicism. Ugh.Who wants to hang around that all the time? OR, I can love them into powerlessness.
I have the power to choose,and I choose to see, and still purpose to choose love, and choose the high ground. It won't be easy, this shift from innocence to responsibility. But if I am ever going to grow into true responsibility for myself, and that quality isn't automatically bestowed on you because of age, then I have to do some major shifting.
I want to write more about this midlife thing...I want to tell you more. I want to go a little further beyond craft-blog-ness and really stretch and grow. But for now, accept my gift, a token of my innocence, for this book certainly represents the girl I was in my 20's...loving antique hankies, making things with my kids, just beginning to explore sewing for myself and my children, accumulating vintage sewing notions, being resourceful, etc. I think you will  love this book if you love those things too, and much more


  1. i would love to win this book. i am a 20something mama who is just getting into sewing, making stuff with the kids, ect. i love reading your experiences on life, crafts, mamahood.

    also i "follow" you via rss feed.

  2. I want it! Give it to me! Pleeeeease! Right now!

  3. PS: I have not yet had my midlife crisis, but I have my tattoo ready: Ferdinand sitting under the cork tree, a tall puffy cloud floating by him.

  4. i look forward to hearing more about what you are experiencing.....i'm just about there too. i wish there was a better term than mid-life heart just about skips a beat when i think of it that way! i once won a copy of handmade home and it was never sent to me.....this is my second chance ☺ it is a nice book for the crafty book collection......

  5. forgot to say i'm following you on twitter!


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