Friday, June 3, 2011


Last night, I celebrated 9 years of teaching in a Waldorf school....teaching handwork and music. To celebrate, I took a little trip...a wool buying trip. I also took along two precious filled with soft Shetland wool from Kentucky and Indiana sheep, one filled with angora fiber from my own sweet bunnies.
While there, they revved up their relatively ancient machines and processed the two bags into one box of roving, while I waited, and toward the end of their work day.What incredibly nice people (Ohio Valley Natural Fibers, if you are in the midwest! Worth a field trip with the kids.)
Ahhhhh....I wish you could feel it.

And then my treat to  myself....something I have not had the time to do for a very long time....sit and spin. Spinning puts me in a state of calm like nothing else. So I started in on that box of beautiful fiber.

Close, oh close the shadows steal, night will soon be coming
Turn my little spinning wheel, I love your gentle humming
Round and round you lightly go, gleaming by the fire's glow
Humming, humming, humming
(spinning song- I am unsure of the words)

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  1. How beautiful that you have been teaching for such a nice period of time. I am sure that your students are full of gratitude.


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