Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Yarn

First of all, forgive me for mucking up my blog.I've been sucked into that gaping, yawning, hole that opens up for a teacher at the end of the school year and swirls you around right before you are spat into the halcyon days of summer. But right now, I am still being swirled around. I sincerely appreciate those of you who have asked about me and my blog. I'm still,very slowly,making time to play. Local galleries want my work,and that feels wonderful. I am not keeping up with that at ALL. But glorious summer is coming, and I will take off my Waldorf teacher garb, put on something with spaghetti straps, henna my hair, paint my toenails, make some art, write a book, and record a CD. I'm only half joking.
I have been exploring non-traditional ways of making yarn. First, I felted some yarn. You will have to wait to find out how- sorry!

I set up my sewing machine outside, simply because I can be with my kids in the back yard. Otherwise, I would have to stick to knitting and who is inspired to knit in June? Ok, I am, but not as much as I was in January.
I had all these fibers I had bought on a whim. They are mostly rayon and cotton cording,some are sparkly, some are nubby, some are chenille. They remind me of weaving fibers.

I had this sewing foot,used to apply thin cording to the outside of fabric. You thread the cord through the holes,and zig zag it on to your garment or pillow.

I just threaded some of the thinner cords through and zig-zagged it over thicker cord.

And voila`! Sewn yarn. I am quite certain you could use up snippets of sock yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, any yarn and thin cord combination. I used a red silk thread on top and a yellow cotton in the bobbin. A delight for anyone who likes to play with color!

Pretty fun, eh?

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