Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Yarn

First of all, forgive me for mucking up my blog.I've been sucked into that gaping, yawning, hole that opens up for a teacher at the end of the school year and swirls you around right before you are spat into the halcyon days of summer. But right now, I am still being swirled around. I sincerely appreciate those of you who have asked about me and my blog. I'm still,very slowly,making time to play. Local galleries want my work,and that feels wonderful. I am not keeping up with that at ALL. But glorious summer is coming, and I will take off my Waldorf teacher garb, put on something with spaghetti straps, henna my hair, paint my toenails, make some art, write a book, and record a CD. I'm only half joking.
I have been exploring non-traditional ways of making yarn. First, I felted some yarn. You will have to wait to find out how- sorry!

I set up my sewing machine outside, simply because I can be with my kids in the back yard. Otherwise, I would have to stick to knitting and who is inspired to knit in June? Ok, I am, but not as much as I was in January.
I had all these fibers I had bought on a whim. They are mostly rayon and cotton cording,some are sparkly, some are nubby, some are chenille. They remind me of weaving fibers.

I had this sewing foot,used to apply thin cording to the outside of fabric. You thread the cord through the holes,and zig zag it on to your garment or pillow.

I just threaded some of the thinner cords through and zig-zagged it over thicker cord.

And voila`! Sewn yarn. I am quite certain you could use up snippets of sock yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, any yarn and thin cord combination. I used a red silk thread on top and a yellow cotton in the bobbin. A delight for anyone who likes to play with color!

Pretty fun, eh?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farmer's Market!!!

Today marked our first trip of the season to the farmer's market. I scored a beautiful, biodynamic bag of salad mix with nastrurtiums, tomatoes, basil, lavender and peppers for the garden, and some gorgeous kale. My own kale will be ready is some Red Russian kale that volunteered:

And flowers from my garden. Planting this week: indigo, weld, cilantro, woad, marigolds, and chamomile.
In other news, I am plugging my nose as I dive into the waters of online transformation. Thanks for following me over here, or for coming anew.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Songs Sung

I am taking a day off of posting a why buy and going a different direction today.
We sing songs all day....words strung together to convey a mood, color a conversation, and set the tone for our day.  No music is necessary for this, for songs are more than notes and music. Songs sung in this regard are our repetitive, habitual, automatic lines of speech.  They are largely determined by mood and habit.
Songs I sing include love songs to my children, tunes of gratitude, and encouragement. I also have a large repertoire of songs I am not so proud of...spoken bitterness, complaining, self-pity, judgement, anger, and complacency. Then there is the tone of the songs...harsh or welcoming, soft and slow, intense and soothing, staccato and legato.
I am limited by these habits and so seek to expand my repertoire and not sing the same old sad, bitter songs. I can move freely into joy and gratitude and centeredness, and make my words strong and pleasant.