Sunday, April 10, 2011


I hope you get a chance to watch this least the first few minutes, where he talks about adults playing, and the use of our hands.
It makes a lot of sense to me...if we, as adults, are to nurture our childrens' sense of play, we mustn't neglect our own, since they look to us to imitate and understand what it means to be human.
this is what I've been playing with:
I've gone from finger painting to carded batts...and the play with color is the same giddy joy. Only now, i can satisfy an adult sensibility for good, natural materials, and delving into the scientific and not-so-scientific process of plant dyeing.
On the right: wool dyed with cochineal and wool dyed with marigolds and tesu flowers, carded with beautiful, lusrous brown mohair (sourced locally!)
On the left, my own dear bunnies' fur carded with local Shetland fleece.
I can hardly wait to play again and spin these up.

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