Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bunny Love

I was going to do a serious post about spring cleansing, change, coping, and all that, but I got sidetracked.
After weeks of whining to anyone who would listen (and even those who wouldn't listen) that I couldn't get my rabbit pregnant (hello? do I control this?) And yes, the deed was done, and we almost lit candles and played Marvin Gaye.
But we didn't have to. Friday, we went to Mammoth Cave. We came back Saturday and upon my return, I checked the bunnies, and lo and behold- 3 small kits in Cloud's cage! We were overjoyed and set her up close to the house.

Sadly, we lost one of the babies to cold that night. I didn't know that you need to bring angora babies in, as in, inside. They don't lay around with their young like cats and dogs do. Now those two little kits live in a drawer in my bedroom, and I take them to their mother several times a day for nursing. I am not kidding. I read that they only need to eat once a day, for rabbit milk is very rich, but those babies just seem hungry, and so they do spend time with their mama, to learn rabbit ways and eat if they wish; she jumps out if she wishes, but we always give her a tasty treat.
Part of it feels surreal...who are these squirming, lively, dreaming creatures, as they barrel headlong into survival? They do dream...like human newborns dream...kicking and fluttering even as they are stilled by sleep. They are other-worldly in those moments.

I have no idea if we are doing any of this right. These babies have spent so much time with Serena that they are certain to be great companions for humans too. We have handled them liberally. Their mother has not rejected them.

It really IS time to build a proper rabbit hutch!

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