Sunday, March 6, 2011

Testing 123

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Ok, so it's been a long while. I've got some catching up to do for certain. Life has been thick and full and hard to grab hold of. We are finding ourselves in the throes of an early spring here in Kentucky. The crocuses had popped in mid-February, and on the last day of February, one of the bulging daffodils had sprung her yellow head. I couldn't believe it...a daffodil on the last day of February! And since then it's just been rainy and wet.
I've been running as much as I can to get ready for a 10K and a 10 mile run. Around here, there are three runs: a 5K, 10K, and 10 miler and these three races comprise the Louisville Triple Crown of Running. Although I've been doing pretty well and my legs are responding, my jeans have not been informed that I'm in pretty good physical shape now. After that 4th child, y'know, things just aren't the same....even two years later. Patience, patience. As a side note, don't be too impressed. I run slow. I run anyway because have an aching itch to avenge myself of all those days spent on a bench in the middle school gym, waiting until everyone else got picked for a team, and then the awkward pause when it was down to me and one other person. Then the choice: me, last again.
At any rate, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I finally set up an area to do some daily art and here it is:
I set this up in my bedroom. The light is not very good but I will have to do most of my creative exploring by night or early morning. My goal is to simply explore color. I have some Prismacolor markers, Stabilo aquarellable pencils, and regular colored pencils. Nearby are tins of watercolors and bigger paper. My daughter got me some blank art cards for Christmas a couple of years ago and I figure those are perfect for small explorations of color. No judgments, no expectations, just getting into a joyful, habitual flow.
I have a couple of blog awards to catch up with, and my big news is that I will be in the Spring issue of Living Crafts. Now, please don't laugh if you've ever been to my house, but some of the projects and article I submitted are themed around cleaning. But it will be good, I promise!
In the meantime, I dream of time spent spinning yarn, dyeing outside, and making felt outside. Warm days are coming!


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