Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Plotting

This is our garden: logs my husband salvaged from neighborhood trees being cut down, filled with leaves, and dug up and mixed with extra soil, compost, and bunny droppings. We have two such plots, and another space for tomatoes, and yet another space for herbs. We've already planted spinach and kale and now are worried that this Kentucky spring will be too warm for those cold-loving plants. In the front yard's flower space, I will plant my zinnias and marigolds, and this is where my indigo plants bloom as well, for dyeing, of course!  Such a routine post....but the garden is truly an exciting place. The kids love to dig, I love to dig, we love to watch things grow, we love to plan and change it up a little from year to year, and even my husband likes to garden, and who can resist being outside on such beautiful spring days?
What are your garden plans?


  1. Logs are so useful and pretty too! Love your garden. Thanks for popping by my blog!

  2. I love your raised beds! I wish I could find some downed trees to use for ours. Did you purchase any soil for the beds? We don't have trees in our neighborhood, so it's hard to find leaves.
    We do have 3 raised beds. We also have beds that aren't raised. We are growing all the usual suspects this year (I think): tomatoes, herbs, peppers, peas. We have trouble with corn.


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