Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fresh Starts

This morning, my blogging crew stopped by to help put on today's production. And today's big story: The Bag. THE bag. Every knitter has at least 4, I hope...otherwise you all are making me look bad if you have less. And you have jaw-dropping awe and admiration if you have more.
Here is one of my bags:
My Blog Team insists on modeling this themselves.
The first start: a Tea Leaves cardigan, knitted in my own indigo-dyed yarn.

 It's progressing, I'd say. Next up, the Blog Team shows you just how cute and fun they are, although it has nothing to do with what is in the knitting bag, and everything to do with how fast said knitting progresses:

Who can resist those two?
There is actually more. I started Veyla, in my own plant-dyed alpaca yarn.

 And a Greenfield Cardigan, in Malabrigo. I had never knitted with Malabrigo before, and all I can do is swoon. It's truly luxurious.
The Blog Team Leader is clearly more beautiful than the knitting, and her eyes are always smiling.

Here is the Milo alone. It was supposed to fit Davis, but it will fit Serena. I'm glad it is BIGGER rather than's a bonus of this mistake that this piece of knitting will be worn by two children.

Well, that is one bag. Those are the projects I haven't lost interest in. Sometimes I wonder if I have something diagnosable, because this is not everything, and I haven't even talked about the felting or spinning or singing or neglected projects on the backburner. Maybe I am just coping-mechanism challenged and need a lot of self-imposed art therapy.
Therapy: it's in The Bag.

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