Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favorite Things

A couple of years ago, I was on a kick of felting over "jewels" (those small glass stones they sell  in hobby and floral shops) and rocks and making necklaces of them. Some people liked them and took notice. I got disproportionately excited about them because, at the time, most people could've cared less.  Lately, I've been wearing my favorite necklace from that "era" of creating and NOW people are taking notice of it and liking it. Even people who've seen it before are just now noticing it, and saying "that is a good idea, you should sell those, I love that," etc. etc. That is just so funny to me. You go along in the flow of the universe and your own striving for creativity, unnoticed, keeping to yourself, and then someone NOTICES. The good thing about that is that your art becomes a striving for pleasure and expression outside of what others think. That feels vulnerable sometimes, because we cannot escape what others think, so here I will be vulnerable once again and show you that necklace:
I bring all this up because last night, I got to do something I rarely do: 'clean up'. When you have a 2-year-old and work as a Waldorf teacher, things like makeup and hairdos and necklaces are saved for other days that rarely come. And I wore my favorite linen skirt...something I made, sans pattern; a comfortable wrap skirt.

Maybe in a spring sewing flurry I can make more. I love "throw on and go" clothes.

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