Monday, January 24, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

According to Chinese astrology, we are in the Year of the Rabbit.
According to my back yard, it is also the Mobley Year of the Rabbit.

I bought/traded these two new does from my new bunny best friend. She moved here from North Carolina, bunnies and big hutch in tow. I loved her two bunny ladies instantly and took them home and admired them greatly. They would make a nice addition to the back yard, and would bring us up to 3 bunnies.
They settled in to our back yard. Bunnies make a lot of sense if you live in town and can't have sheep. Not only do they provide loads of free compost and build your soil quite nicely, they give you their beautiful, soft fur. I glean their fur simply by brushing them. My friend calls brushing them, "bunny therapy".
Serena named them "Cloud" and "Caramel". They made a visit to school, even. We loved watching them in the back yard, where their wire cages sit right over our garden spaces.
Until, one day, in our bunny-blissed-'oh how cute they are'-stupor, we noticed Caramel exhibiting some VERY un-lady-like behavior. VERY. And on closer inspection, Caramel was displaying some not-so-lady-like body parts too. Egad! Caramel was a buck!
Now we are learning more than we ever thought we'd learn about rabbit husbandry. Everyone has their own space now and hopefully someday we will have baby bunnies, on purpose!
Caramel, King of the Garden

Angora rabbits are known for their gentleness and sweet spirits. They are truly kind.
And, of course, I could not wait to get a part of Cloud on the spinning wheel....look at that gorgeous color! Angora "blooms" after you knit it, so it does not look like typical soft, fuzzy angora on the wheel.
Beautiful, blissful bunnies!