Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manifesto 2011

Here is an invitation for you. I love the power of the group, and thought it would be uplifting if we could compose a manifesto together. A manifesto for 2011. I originally wanted to call it a "mother's manifesto" but it seemed too limiting.
There is much written out there about how to best construct an affirmation, and you are welcome to add your ownway of composing an affirmation. One thing I came across and like is the use of "I feel" rather than "I am". "I am" felt too pretentious tome...especially if I didn't think I could quite live up to what I was trying to affirm.
So, my suggested format for this affirmation is as follows:
I feel :            because I am:
The first part is something you want to strengthen...affirm in yourself. The second part is something you already feel is a strength of yours.

For instance, I can be snappy and crabby. I can also be nurturing. So, I can capitalize on this and have my affirmation reflect the fact that because I am nurturing, I have the capacity to choose nurturing in any given moment, even the crabby moments.
I feel calm and accepting because I am nurturing to myself and others.

Now, your invitation has been extended. Please leave your contribution to the manifesto in the comments (comment anonymously if desired) or on Facebook. I will compile them all by Friday and we shall have a collective, strengthening, powerful vision of hope for the new year. I do hope you will join me in celebrating our strengths and supporting each other in who we are becoming, whether we have met or not.


  1. Hi Angela,

    You were one of the winners of an ornament at Affectioknit...can you send me your info so that I can get the ornament to you...




  2. I give myself permission to be creatively productive because I am self motivated and creative.

    Angie--hope you don't mind me changing the I feel to I give myself permission... I can feel something and do nothing so thus "I give myself permission....".

    Thanks for the idea, my dear friend. This is a much better New Year's promise then my usual weight loss fiasco. lol


  3. I feel limitless because I am strong and resilient.

    Can't wait to read the finished project!

  4. I am a healthy person so I will get enough rest and exercise to maintain a strong body.

  5. I feel calm and accepting of wherever my path takes me because I have the skills to creatively adapt and flourish.


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