Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holy Nights

 For years now, a group has met to contemplate and meditate during the holy nights. I am not always able to go to these gatherings and hope to this year. Following are the themes we are given to discuss. I do not know who wrote it, so I wish I had someone to attribute it to (anyone?)
There is also Lynn Jericho's Inner Christmas, which also has some good spiritual food for the soul.
                               Virtue                                                           Its Opposite

Dec. 24 (January) courage becomes the power to redeem             timidity, anxiety
Dec. 25 (February) discretion becomes meditative strength            comment, criticism
Dec. 26 (March) magnanimity becomes love                                 pettiness, narrowness
Dec. 27 (April)  devotion becomes the force of sacrifice                no concern, spring fever
Dec. 28 (May) inner balance becomes progress                            externals take over, too busy
Dec. 29 (June) perserverance becomes faithfulness                        loss of grip, giving up
Dec. 30 (July) selflessness leads to catharsis                                  self absorption, willfulness
Dec. 31 (August) compassion leads to freedom                             heartlessness, insensitivity
Jan. 1 (September) courtesy becomes tactfulness of heart              lack of consideration, insensitivity
Jan 2 (October) contentment becomes equanimity                         complaint, dissatisfaction
Jan 3 (November) patience becomes insight                                  hurry, loss of temper
Jan 4 (December) control of speech becomes feeling for truth        gossip, judgment, slander


  1. Hi Angela,

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    Happy Advent!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have never seen this before and really like it.

  3. Thanks, Angie, for yesterday's list of opposites. Perfect topics for my writing project at the jail! I think we'll use one of these each month as our prompt. Thanks for sharing! ~Ida

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this Angela. For years now I have been wanting to create a watercolour or veil painting for each of these twelve days, an idea I received from Marie Chartrand, a wonderful painter from Quebec. It isn't going to happen this year either, but I will meditate each days message....and be more prepared for next year! Happy New Year! Fiona

  5. I used the two January opposites for prompts at my women's writing group at the jail today. Very interesting what they wrote! Thanks. I plan to use these every month.

  6. Thanks for these pairs. I used January's today at my women's writing group at the jail. Very interesting. I plan to use a pair each month. Thanks! ~Ida


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