Monday, November 8, 2010

We Go Inside

Although we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day here weather-wise, the early darkness drove us inside to play much earlier than we wanted!
So, we started setting up things for inside play.
I am always amazed at how much children thrive on simplicity and their own ingenuity. Two yoga blocks and a board make a fine balance beam.

Add in the tunnel and the rocker board and you have an obstacle course.

Davis gets lots of crawl time in the tunnel. He scooted instead of crawling, so I am very happy to see him get lots of cross-patterned crawl time to help his growth.
The rocker board...oh, how I wish they were widely available. I got this one at The Hand and Hoe at the Threefold Community in Spring Valley, New York. It has been a favorite toy. Today, the kids made a slide out of it, a bridge, and a see-saw. Just with one toy. I'll venture to say they played for a good hour this way. Any mom knows that an hour of peaceful play among siblings is almost as good as a day at the spa. Almost.
As for the exercise balls bouncing around there...they are a side effect of life with my Rolfer. Other side effects include encouragement to bare our feet and move our bodies, with some yoga added to the mix as well. I'd say those are good reminders for anyone!
I have been very busy of late. Life has been very full and I am already turning to thoughts of the holidays. My recurring theme for the holidays has been "preparing the way". In other words, I'm on a mission to get my house (the internal and external ones) in order before the coming busy days.

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