Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallloween Mysteries

We carved pumpkins. I was feeling pretty good about capturing the essence of each child in such an artistic way, feeling smug, proud...especially proud of the pumkin missing his two front teeth just like Serena, and then....

 Some little woodland spirit or evil presence came and ate the teeth out of our pumpkins. Just the teeth!Serena thinks it was a squirrel. I think it is a mystery apropos to the season!

But it's no mystery....these are some cute kids. The clown costume is circa 1973 and Chance wore it as a child. I love my silly spooks!

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  1. Halloween went largely unobserved here on our farm in Frankfort, however, it is the anniversary of our dog "Spook's" arrival 5 years ago this time of year.

    I had fun adjusting the pouch I made when I got home from the workshop. Tonight I needle-felted a tree on and some tiny flowers. Also, ran a double piece of yarn into the back and knotted it. Hammer and nails in my tote to hang it tomorrow with a plastic bottle liner and some rooted philodendron! Can't wait to hang it in my classroom. Thanks, Angie!


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