Sunday, October 17, 2010


Davis has been sick. When he is sick I sit around and nurse. A lot. And I think about the state of my home, and that I have had to stop running a household for a little while in order to care for a sick child. The state of my home suffered, of course, right along with my sleep schedule and a fevered boy.
It got me thinking about Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart is my guilty and guiltless pleasure and she is looked upon as the epitome of having it all: a business career and the capacity to make a home. In this sense, making a home means arranging the furniture just so, crafting a wreath for your front door, placing artistic touches here and there, bringing in fresh flowers. My home is rarely like that with the comings and goings of so many people, and with my recent discovery that the secret to a clean house is to never be home, and with the random moods and needs of children. My husband tolerates so little of the mess of daily living, and I can't quite keep up, and often feel I fail miserably in this area.
But is that the making of a home? Is that all there is? When my children come to me for a hug, when the house smells good from all the cooking, when hands are messy from art or dirt, when attention is given to the tone of my voice and irritability is put aside (again!) to meet a child's falling apart...this is not just parenting...this is making a home, too, is it not? It is a small epiphany for me. I have never seen it before, but home resides in the connections and conversations and the paintings we create with our words....our moods...our deeds. Our days are less presentation and more comfort. My children won't talk about the pillows one day. They will talk about the time they fell down, the time they tricked mom, the time they had a bunny, the time they fought with their sister, the time a strange person visited, the time we heard Indian chanting across the street, their birthday parties, and sometimes, the time the house is clean, and will know that their Mom was there to care for them.
Ah. I can breathe a sigh of relief. I DO have my priorities in order!


  1. Tying this while surrounded by a MESS & after attending to a stomach-achy lil' babe all day. Time well spent indeed! You've got it right on, Mama!


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