Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Oh yes, what a good day. The house is clean, the party planned and mostly prepared for, the baby sleeps a long time, and I got to make stuff.
People keep asking me about art fairs and fiber festivals I'm doing. I am not doing any such thing this fall for the following reasons: 1) full-time job 2) the presence of a toddler in my house and 3) other creative missions. My Etsy is asleep, but I got a call from the Kentucky Art and Craft gallery and so I'm making some felted scarves, bags, and animals to take there. This seems more manageable than staying up for 3 nights in a row trying to get enough product together for an entire show, just so I can meet people and talk all day. Hmmm....maybe I should get busy...this would greatly relieve the cashiers at Whole Foods.

Form wrapped and ready to felt.
 Merino wool I use. I love, love, love the tactility of the colors. I can really play with them. My theme has been "landscape" and I have been dreaming of all the mountain views I encountered this summer while camping and driving. Purple in the mountains, reds in the trees, blues all around.
This is what I was doing while I was not blogging. Before.
And after! It feels good to get something cleaned. I someday want such beautifully organized shelves that I can take off the doors. 

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  1. It looks like little man doesn't like the dis-organization!


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