Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Birthday

She requested a surprise birthday party. She requested that her dad take her for a walk, that her sisters coif her hair and decorate her cake, and that she be surprised.

I invited her whole class. Not all of them came, but we had a very large crowd here. Chance took to grilling pizzas, despite the fact that we got our first rain here in two months. The party started with a rain walk. When she got back, the large crowd that had assembled all found nooks and crannies to hide in, and then we brought out blankets to cover smaller clusters of un-hidden guests. Serena entered the room, they yelled, "SURPRISE!!!" and she squealed with delight. So many people!
Since it was an outdoor party turned indoor, the children started running and screaming the loop inside our house. It was loud and chaotic. After a bit of this, I brought out a container of beeswax and then told a story. By then, the rain had stopped and the grilled pizzas were trickling in and being gobbled up as soon as they came out.


 The cake and ice cream and gifts were moved outdoors, and Serena began opening them. I had requested handmade gifts form nature or simple, hand-drawn cards, and was so touched at what the children brought for my daughter.

beeswax creations from our guests..In the background, St. Monica, Patron Saint of Difficult Children, stands guard.

Her grandparents gave her some clothes and the "bells and whistles" toys. She was so delighted and said, for the third year in a row, "This was the best birthday party ever!"
I can't believe seven years have passed since her birth.


  1. What a sweet sweet looking celebration you all had. I hope that it was a magical day for everyone.

  2. What a splendid party! Happy Birthday!


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