Tuesday, September 7, 2010


*undocumented sewing and knitting projects
(in whispering tones)
Shhhhh...the Blog Police might find me out. Yes, I know I profess to be some sort of artistic-crafty-thoughtful woman. Yes, this blog is supposed to be about my creative path and how that flows with motherhood. I am expected to have a genre, and this blog is supposed to lean in a crafty direction. And I have ALWAYS followed the rules, fearing the ever-present "getting in trouble". But here I've been, yammering on about my kids and posting pictures of how cute/pretty/smart they are. I've gone on bitching about my husband. I set about writing about cooking during the hottest summer ever....yes, Louisville was officially documented as being the hottest city in the US this summer. I couldn't even stick to that. I've even taken up with other sites, hanging out with their blogs, chatting at the water cooler, watching out for the boss.
All the while, I am secretly making stuff. It feels a little like smoking in the boy's room to not blog about it. Oooo, so rebellious!
But now I must come clean. Show and tell is the creative-maker-crafty blogger's imperative.And rules are made to be...followed?
I've made, of late:
....a skirt from vintage fabric.....

.....rainpants for Serena...the bolt of 3 or 4 yards cost only $4 from Denver Fabrics. I have enough to make a raincoat too, and rainbibs for Davis.....
.....my Emmaline. I don't even have Ravelry notes up yet, nor am I in this picture. Gosh, that just feels so...so wrong!
Not pictured: My finished Liesl, a pair of slacks I made to go with my Emmaline, and a turquoise linen dress.
Now the list-making has begun...what to make next? Anyone else out there thinking holidays already?
What will be my next UKASP????


  1. You've done all these naughty things, huh? I didn't hear a word...

  2. I love that skirt, amazing fabric!
    Sure hope we get to see the turquoise linen dress someday.
    Glad to see your creations!

  3. That skirt is so gorgeous! Wow I am in love.


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