Friday, August 6, 2010

Where life has been

Life has been lethargic.
Life has been waking up.
Life has been staring into space, vacant eyes eventually buried behind hands.
Life has been letting go, slipping away, fixing broken things.
Life has agonized over which broken things to fix and which to discard.
Life has been an orange salamander, slippery and hiding between dark rocks.
Life has sat down and given up for just awhile.
Life has ridden on a swing, strung high between childhood longings and adult desires,
between teen age and middle age, between growing and gathering.
Life has been the good little girl, careful not to step on toes, hands crumpled into balls
Paper balls in fisted hands, hurled at her husband's head
Life has been exploding heads.
Life has said she doesn't want so much pain, only a little to stay awake
Life has been sitting in the principal's office, stomach in knots, locker combination forgotten, homework lost.


  1. Life... ((HUGS)) sister. Beautiful poetry.

  2. i have only recently found your blog, but wanted to send some hugs to you. i don't know the particulars of your situation, but i kind of feel like you do right about now. thanks for putting it out there.......xo

  3. I love this poem. I feel the same.

  4. Says so much, with so few words. Hugs.


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