Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Life Has Been

Life has been dancing hand in hand with exuberant children, and led them, singing all the way
Life has been grieving and letting go, without letting go of hope
Life has been planning lots of knitting projects
Life has been dreaming of autumn, in all of her fiery splendor
Life has started full time work, has practiced balancing acts, and has experienced exhaustion
Life has been picking apples from a tree in her father's yard
Life has seen long-lost family...life has held on to love
Life has marveled at the potential for healing, no matter where you find yourself
Life has been running barefoot toward the pond, smiling and laughing with glee, and she has pulled her knees to her chest right after the big jump, made the big splash, and unfolded under the water
Life has emerged breathless, still smiling

Oh, and "life" will be part of Rhythm of the Home tomorrow too!!!


  1. loved your post on ROH! great blog, too:) pleased to meet you!

  2. Sounds like life is good. :) I came over from Rhythm of the Home, to say hello. I loved your Michaelmas article and can't wait to try making the cute dragon.


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