Friday, August 13, 2010

Pinching myself!

Well, on Wednesday another school year ninth at the Waldorf School of Louisville. Yes, I still feel I have so much to learn, as Waldorf education can be so deep and growth-producing, for students AND teachers.
I begin as a full-time specialty/support teacher. That means that in addition to teaching handwork, I will take on 4 music classes and assist in the first grade. Now, this is incredible luck because my daughter is starting first grade. Yes, there can be challenges to having my own child in class, but there is a lead teacher that isn't me and I think that helps immensely.
So this past week the faculty gathered for a 2-day in-service. Each day we began with chalk drawing. Each day we sang. Each day we spoke freely of doing our spiritual work. I know that faculty meetings are not always fun, but I am pinching myself and feeling incredibly blessed to work in this manner, and I am ever humbled by the opportunity to teach and know the children.
Here is my chalk drawing:

We began by laying down cool colors on each side, beginning with white in the middle, then yellow, then proceeding from the lightest green. Then the warm colors arose from the middle, beginning with red. The color "columns" were not supposed to touch, but mine did and made brown. After laying down the colors, you look at your picture to see if a form emerges and then you pull out that form with light and/or dark colors. Mine started to become a path. I may develop it further.


  1. How exciting!! Love the chalk drawing, btw. Hmmm....I need to get some decent chalk.

  2. Z just ran up to the computer and said, "That's pretty fire and spaceship.." Awesome way to start the year. :)

  3. Your art is always inspiring to me. Your chalkboard is so very beautiful!

    How wonderful for you to get to teach, learn, and grow in such a special place. Sending many well wishes for strength and balance to be with you in your days!
    xo Renee


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