Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off She Goes

The past week or so has been filled with such a whirlwind. The Cliff Notes version is that I am still married and we have turned a corner, my 15 year old is moving to her dad's, Serena starts 1st grade, and yesterday the van looked like this:
Seats removed to make room for all the college girl stuff...she is moving into a house! Big adventures await her. We sweated and struggled and got it all in the van, to Lexington, and in the house. Then we ate at...I can't remember....Good Foods co-op? It was the best health food buffet in the midwest (WHY don't we have one in Louisville???)
Lots of transitions and goodbyes and hellos. In other words, loving and life, life and loving.
If I stare at this picture too long, I will cry. That's my very first baby, after all, now a college sophomore. 

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