Monday, August 23, 2010

Knitting Meditation/ Affirmations

Much has been written about knitting as a path to mindfulness, as a path to meditation, a way to slow down. There are many many ways to meditate, and for myself, slowing the flow of thoughts is hard. I am not the kind of person who gets needles in hand and has an instant transcendental experience. Oh no....quite the opposite. I experience an opportunity for growth, is more like it.
You see, those thoughts that come up aren't always "Hmmmm...I wonder what I should make for dinner?" Those thoughts are east to float away on their little disappearing word boat. No. The thoughts that come up are, "oh, that person really hurt me." or, "oh, did I really say that and will I ever be able to make it right?" or "oh, I really screwed up this time." "I will never get that time back." "I hurt." "I feel angry!" "I feel the pain of that loss." and of course, much more.
I am not an expert at meditating and I don't know if I ever will be. But knitting can help me work through the concerns and thoughts and feelings about situations and problems. To that end, I brainstormed some possible focused thoughts to have during knitting....affirmations, if you will. Mantras if you so choose. Meditation if you are farther up the pike than I am! Ultimately, isn't that what meditation is about? Not just stilling the thoughts, but moving through them...with compassion and expansive connection, all the while bringing one closer to the Divine.
For blessing:
I feel grateful.
This is a thread of kindness and blessing.
May (wearer's name) feel my love.
I feel compassion.
I feel calm.
I bless this stitch.
May love flow from my heart to my hands to my stitches.
I feel part of the greater Good.
I bless this yarn, and these stitches.
I see beauty.
I feel centered.
May each stitch carry love and blessing.
I have boundless love.
I freely give of myself.

When thoughts come, and I revisit situations that bring up strong feelings for me, I have these affirmations to help:
I feel curious.
I feel calm.
I welcome my feelings.
With each stitch I am closer to healing.
I honor my experience.
This situation (person, event) is a blessed part of the whole. 
I bless this stitch with my tears.
I am free to love.
(when one is ready) I release my fear/resentment/anger/doubt/judgment, etc. if only for this moment.
(as feelings pass) I feel grateful.
I feel loved.
I feel free.

What would you add to this list?


  1. this is so beautiful ... I would like to bring something like this into my own life.

  2. i love this and do this myself mostly in the way of breathing. breath in a stitch, breath out a stitch - and try to find a nice rhythm. that's how i meditate too, by focusing on my breathing. i'm here via 'rhythm of the home' - it's nice to meet you. i will have to check out your blog some more! i love the michaelmas dragon you put up, but my son, who is 3 1/2, is still a little scared of them and doesn't want me to make it! i may have to make it for his 5 year old self. : )


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