Thursday, July 22, 2010


Get it? TRIPtych? Ok, enough corny humor :)

I. Knit
Another lamb. This little guy has 113 hearts on Ravelry. (Link here) Go see some of the other lambs people have knitted! I cannot tell you how cool it feels to have a knitting pattern out there that people are actually knitting.

Working on a dog pattern. This one looks like our dog and immediately got snatched up and excessively "loved on" by Davis.

Finished with a short-row hen pattern. I AM making progress....

II. Clouds
 III. Sea

I dream of painting seascapes. For now, photographs will have to do.


  1. love the hen! love the clouds! love the beach!

    want to get to the beach but it's just been way too hot and i cannot bear to think of it!

  2. That hen! Where's the pattern? Who's publishing it?


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