Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sewing for an Almost First Grader

One of the benefits of having a younger brother with a 9-year-old girl is hand-me-downs. We get hand-me-downs from his neighbor, too, whose daughter is slightly older than Serena. Hand-me-downs absolutely rock (you can tell I have teenagers too).
In one of those bags of hand-me-downs were two brand new shirts. They were size 7 belly shirts. Yes, belly shirts, as in, your belly is exposed when you wear them. I was not going to put a belly shirt on my 6 year old, but I saved them so I could redeem them into a more modest, appropriately "aged" garment.
Here are the results:

Pink and puppies!

And, of course, while she was being photographed, she wanted a kitty picture.


  1. Very nice for summer dresses. (Inappropriately clothed children not at all nice.)

  2. Beautiful! I love re-purposing clothing items too.

  3. Angie. How did you get the lil' Facebook & Twitter buttons on the bottom of your posts? I saw it in Blogger in Draft, but now I can't find it. Thanks, C.

  4. What an awesome idea! Those are lovely! I'm trying to find your etsy store, but am having trouble. Deladis is turning five, and I loved those felt horses.

  5. Great dresses. I love tweaking some old stuff and making something lovely.
    I did this recently

    and I have a HUGE bag of stuff that needs to be transformed.
    Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo

  6. Angela,
    this is such a great idea - we have some "belly shirt" hand-me-downs too sitting in a bag.
    Warm wishes.


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