Monday, July 5, 2010

Art Fairing

spinning, spinning, spinning...internally and externally.
The view from my booth.
Our school's booth.
Hildegard, a fellow artist, made the bag out of some handspun she purchased from me last year. I wish you could have touched it! It was so soft.
Serena made a new friend (look closely and you'll see a lizard!)

These fairgoers had a reaction to me spinning in my booth, and I quote: "I couldn't do that all day, it would drive me FRICKIN' CRAZY" Heh.

And we were all happy to go home.
I very much enjoyed meeting new friends, and I am very grateful to my customers who took home babies, handspun, animals, wool, yarn, and dreams of what they could create.


  1. Looks like an amazing day!!
    Having serious fair envy!
    :) maureen

  2. the most inspiring thing about art fairs is watching the artists do their work. so cool that you could spin in your booth - both internally and externally!! :)


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