Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tempus fugit

and plenty of time has flown since I last posted. I, the sanguine butterfly, have flown straight into the hose again and my wings have been too wet to fly. I have been stuck, sobbing, to a deck pole while waiting way too long to dry out.  Thankfully, I am now shaking my wings and dusting myself off again.
But enough about that. We all hit rough spots, eh?
Big, gorgeous, gigantic news around here. Chalk it up to Libra generosity, a mother's undying love for her child, or all of the above, but my loving mother has gifted me with a Nikon D40, with a cool lens, with a tripod, with accessories,  so I can take pictures of the things I make, including children (that would be GRANDchildren to her!) The occasion? My upcoming birthday. I am thrilled beyond belief and have a steep learning curve ahead of me, and endless admiration for those of you who make photography look easy.
I've been practicing...such great fun! I'm going to get Ansel Adams' photography books from the library. I'm going to enjoy this!

 Of course, plenty of pictures of my favorite people are in order, and even Bri has been getting in on the act (she took the picture of our dog).
Now, for a little chat about making stuff. Serena has old swimsuits, but we can never seem to find the ones that currently fit her. I took one old swimsuit, cut across the middle, applied elastic, and 10 minutes later had turned a size 4 swimsuit into a bikini fit for an almost-7-year-old. Sweet!

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  1. Greetings Madame Butterfly, your first photos with the new camera look fabulous. But of course, you do have lovely subjects.


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