Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer of Food - New Ways For Grilling

We have such little meat around here. Grilling for us is taking our meals AND our cooking outside. This summer heat prohibits us from using our stove very often, unless it's in the wee hours of morning. Even then, it's a muggy proposition. We love grilling packets of vegetables. We can throw the garlic bulbs in whole.
Chance, the grillmeister around here, was so impressed that I could cook brown rice on our grill that he is inspired to give pizza a go. I wish I could say we actually tried it out, but a series of car and scheduling and relationship issues have held it off. But we will give it a whirl, just like this.
Now, part of pizza making is inspired by the fact that I now have 4 different kinds of pesto in the fridge: cilantro, arugula, garlic scape, and plain old basil. The basil is growing nicely and I hope the pesto lasts past September this year (last year, we ate it ALL).
Next on my list is cooking for camping. We are hoping to camp the Red River Gorge and Asheville, NC this summer. I have once again fallen in love with MaryJane and will be making marshmallows using her recipe. I'm going to try using agar and brown rice syrup instead of her chillover powder and corn syrup. I'll report back, hopefully with pictures.
On the personal front, there's a sea change. I keep hearing this little voice that says, "there's more to life than knitting." Friends, meet Miss Midlife Crisis. She is talking to me ALL the time now. She wants to blog, even. So, you just might see a guest post around here soon.


  1. I discovered Mary Jane a few months ago. I LOVE that magazine. LOVE.
    My hubby found a wonderful grilled pizza recipe, and even bought a special contraption just for pizza grilling. It is wonderful. I'm a huge fan of wood-fired oven pizza, and this comes pretty darn close.

  2. Oh my, that all sounds so delicious. I love grilled pizza! Have fun in Asheville...I'm still dreaming of moving there.


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