Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer of Food-2

This past week has been all about two things: strawberries and butter. Mmmmm.
Two days were spent in the kitchen hulling strawberries, crushing them for jam (detailed instructions are found here.), adding lots of sugar (Heavenly Sugar, and local honey), and eating jam on everything.
I am lucky enough to belong to a food co-op that sells fresh milk products, and was able to get a whole bunch of cream, which I then made into butter. Liquid gold, that cream is. Thank you, blissful cow. And I shall someday have to show you a picture of our butter paddle.
With my leftover cream and strawberries....what do you think? Strawberry shortcake! I also want to try freezer jam, and will make ice cream and ghee at some point...I have a LOT of cream.
I do believe the season for strawberries is done here. We will be looking forward to blueberry picking now, very soon, and luckily the blueberry farm we go to is very near the Kentucky Renaissance Festival, and we can kill two birds with one stone.
This past week was so busy, and we have had multiple birthday parties to attend, so our food has been a bit "off". I look forward to the breathings that happen....going out to gather food, coming in to prepare and preserve it, and hopefully keeping the memory of the love and gratitude and abundance felt in the presence of such a harvest.
Share YOUR summer food-related thoughts:


  1. I don't have any summer food inspirations at the moment as it's winter in Australia but strawberries are definitely a favourite around here when the warm weather hits. Mmmmm.

  2. Oh well, I shall have to hear about your winter food then!

  3. Strawberry season is still going on here! I would be curious to know how your freezer jam turns out, something I would like to do, but why do jam recipes always have to have so much sugar? I suppose there is some scientific/food chemistry type reason, but I want to do it without!

    My other food related thoughts... just this evening I realized we have eaten cold lentil salad 5 days in a row now!

  4. Oh, strawberries and cream. I need to eat supper. :) I'll have to tell you about our peas - Appalachian style sometime.

  5. I just wrote an article about strawberries for my local paper, but it hasn't been posted online yet. I've been trying to figure out if there is a way to make jam without all that sugar. I agree that it must be a chemical thing, but I'm not sure.


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