Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The makings of summer

Not much food-making...I have neglected my own summer of food initiative. I have been making salad dressing since I discovered flavored balsamics. This week, I am on Fig Balsamic. With all the pesto in the house, I can whisk together pesto, vinegar du jour, and oil of whimsy to make a suitable salad dressing. Occasionally tahini or almond butter will appear. Salad dressing is so quick and easy....why do I ever buy it? Same with mayonnaise...with all these gorgeous local eggs, why buy the premade stuff? Living the good life...this is simplicity.
And this is what I've been more focused on than food:

Yes, it's art fair time again. Locals, please come to the Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Art and Music Festival this weekend, at the historic Peterson-Dumesnil house grounds. Saturday and Sunday!


  1. The horse is absolutely gorgeous!!! Deladis would love it. I have that and a felted mama doll from Homemade Serenity that I want for our collection now. :)

  2. i love the animals! so nice! i have, rather unsuccessfully, felted my son some animals. i wished they had looked as nice as yours :)

  3. beautiful...

    i've been into pesto salad dressing also!

    have fun at the art fair!


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