Thursday, May 20, 2010


Earlier in the year, I had purposed to rid my diet of sugar and flour products. The reason behind this arose from concerns about pre-diabetes, depression, and lethargy. I wanted to at least rule out dietary reasons for my physical struggles.
Well, about 13 days ago I finally mustered up the courage and eliminated these things from my diet. I naively believed that I would immediately feel lighter, freer, more energetic and just like that, be done with it. It hasn't happened that way, and instead it has led me to delve into a healing journey. I did initally feel better, but now I am experiencing headaches, fogginess, depression, and extreme lethargy...the very things I've wanted to escape! But in my reading, mostly The Body Ecology Diet and The Self-Healing Cookbook, I am convinced I am going through a cleansing...a ridding of toxins. These symptoms won't be there forever, thank goodness, and I want to honor the emotional reasons behind this cleansing as well. I am focusing on cleansing my liver, and to that end will be dealing with growth surrounding anger and irritation.
I tell you all this because I am going to stay quiet, wrestle with what I need to wrestle with, and hopefully come out stronger, free-er, more forgiving, more loving. In other words, I'll hunker down with my journal and stay away from this space for awhile, to allow for quiet reflection and healing.


  1. I know someone who went through the same cleansing process, and it does pass. I wish you luck with your changes!

  2. I found your blog this week thanks to Kelli and I included you in a blog award on my site today.

  3. I'm in there with you, Sister! I have felt the same for a while now but have kept on saying 'can't focus on this now... to much to do... when it slows down...' Well it hasn't and I haven't! I admire your courage to face it, listen to, and respect, your inner voice and do this important thing for yourself. So often we put ourselves last when we should be putting ourselves first. This temple that is our bodies has to be here for a long time... we need to look after it. You rock for tackling this!
    I'd love you to do another Discovering Waldorf post when you have the space... let me know.
    Blessings and magic on your journey,

  4. Many healing thoughts and prayers to you. There is always a time of purging before freedom can be found. Bless you!

  5. good luck love! i admire your bravery. here is a quote i love that i am reminded of by your journey: There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
    Anais Nin

  6. Oh girl, I love Anais Nin. I even read a couple of biographies about her. She was CRAZY but I love her. So, that being said, I am very appreciative of your quote and I want to go to that vintage fabric place in Frankfort you told me about....

  7. I hope that you are feeling better now and that the cleanse is working for you.
    A friend of mine studied Anaiss Ninn extensively - perhaps for her masters degree.


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