Saturday, April 3, 2010

What is your blogging temperament?

Have you ever wondered about your temperament? If you are a blogger, your temperament may already be showing. I am always fascinated by the temperaments, and as an amateur observer of blog psychology, I thought I'd put together this post based on my observations. I have to say as well, I am not the type to label folks for the sake of taking away their fun or overanalyzing them. These are tendencies, and we all have parts of these parts inside. I find all these modalities for making sense of personality incredibly useful for personal development.  Just for fun, read on to see what kind of blogger you are.
The Phlegmatic Blogger: This blogger is thought of and celebrated as everyone's friend. They are the "steady Eddies" of the blog world: they post regularly, they are consistent and calm, and their posts tend to be about food, routine, and rhythm: all the things they are good at and that they love. They love their friends, too, and tend to make deep connections in the blog world. Their blogs tend to have a rounded feel to them. They are most likely to be the ones to participate in such things as "Wordless Wednesday".  They are reliable.
Phlegmatics are very satisfied with their lives, and that shows through in their writing.
The Melancholic Blogger: The melancholic blogger has such a huge heart for the world and its sufferings. They also have a tendency to get caught up in their own sufferings, and tend to blog for personal development. Melancholic bloggers have perfectionist tendencies, and can use their blogs to gather prayers or funds for those less fortunate. Their blogs tend to be very neat and well ordered. Melancholic bloggers are deep and thoughtful, and incredibly sensitive. They, too, make the deepest connections in the blog world.
The Choleric Blogger is confident, strong-willed, and comfortable in a leadership role. They are likely to have "How to Blog" blogs or be in a position to tell anyone how to do anything. They do see what needs to be done, and if they have a dissatisfaction with injustice or a social cause, there is no stopping them as they use their blog to right wrongs. They are not given to being driven by their emotions, and usually have the right answer. Their blogs tend to thrive on controversy, as choleric bloggers are great at debate. They need to feel loved and popular, but have trouble forming deep connections. Their blogs tend to be visually stimulating.
The Sanguine Blogger is the one you want to have at a party. They can be witty, chatty in their writing style, and flit from topic to topic, preferring to not be tied down to just one genre of blog. They love compliments and love people, therefore, they want lots of comments. Sanguines blog when they feel like it, and blog what they feel like writing about in any given moment. They tend to be colorful, and their blogs can be visually interesting. While they make friends easily and love easily, they tend to be a little shallow in their behind-the-scenes connections.  Their lives seem exciting and free because of their many and varied interests.
What say ye? Recognize anyone in these descriptions???


  1. A piece here and there, but not my description...I don't know, maybe the reason for starting to blog is also important to the whole process. I consciously try and hold back any negativity as I'm well aware my mothers read it and don't want to upset them--well, not too much. My brain can't overwhelm my fingers completely. :)

    Enjoyed thinking about blogs and will be conscious about this as I'm reading others when I grab a moment this week.

  2. I have just finished a wet-on-wet painting class on the temperaments, check out some of my pictures, love and light Marie

  3. Ha ha how funny! I have no clue what I would be. I am bad at those things.

  4. This makes me want to know which one you think I am. Interesting way to look at the blogosphere

  5. this is funny ....i'm the last one, i guess, mixed in with the first two...thanks for the rolfing suggestion. i feel like you are right on with that.

    the only thing about the sanguine blogger that doesn't seem to fit me, is that i feel like i have made some deep connections. i don't feel very shallow in that way.....but i guess you'd have to ask my blog friends that to get the truth.....but i do blog for personal development which makes me feel like a meloncholic. i can't believe you made this all up! you are amazing and really so insightful! i love reading into things like this so much! i am a 6 on the enneagram. saggitarius. year of the dragon. what are you? which kind of blogger are you?

  6. um...maybe the melancholic sanguine who sometimes forgets that she has a blog?

  7. I think I'm a cross between sanguine and phlegmatic. Is that even possible? I think I form connections with people, but I post about whatever I want and I have a tendency to take unannounced sabbaticals.


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